The Full Moons


There are 12 Full Moons in a calendar year, in months where there are two full moons this is called a blue moon. I personally love a Blue Moon, two full moons in one month means twice the magical power to manifest our heart’s desire and there is at least one Blue Moon each calendar year.

The Full Moon is a time to work on manifesting your heart’s desire, but my philosophy has always been that where White Magic is concerned there is never a bad time to cast a spell or to conduct a ritual, you just have to know how to work your magic in order to achieve the desired outcome and increase the odds of your results manifesting!

The following is a list of the Moons and the names that I use for each one, you will find in your research that the names for each one will differ by Witch tradition, as do all things, every tradition, group or coven will have their own system of magic and spiritual path that they follow.

The following is simply guidelines and is not written in stone, if I have an urgent matter that I need immediate assistance with I do not wait until a certain time of the month or year to cast my spells or conduct my rituals, for instance if I am under psychic attack I wouldn’t until January rolls around to do the work necessary to protect myself, sometimes the path of least resistance is best, but that is not always the case and one must use common sense and all of the magical resources that they have available to them to get the job done!

January: (Wolf Moon) This Full Moon is the perfect time to cleanse and renew your energy, it is a time for new beginnings, a time of fresh starts, a time to remove negative life patterns and to put the wheel in motion for the change that you desire in the coming year, it is my belief that this Full Moon will set the magical and spiritual tone for the rest of the year. This is also a powerful Moon to cast and conduct spells and rituals for protection.

February: (Hunger Moon) This is a time of yearning, it is a time to reach inwardly and draw from the strength within, it is a time to allow our hunger and that which we yearn for to drive us an to motivate us in manifesting our heart’s desire. It is a time to replenish our energy and to rebuild that which has been torn down, the February Full moon, with Candlemas and Valentine’s Day make for a powerful month to focus on love spells and rituals to reunite lovers.

March: (Storm Moon) The Storm Moon is a very powerful Full Moon, it sweeps through our life taking all of the negative energy with it, it is a time of strength and renewal, a time to emerge from our caves and shells and allow our energy to flow outwardly into the universe, this Moon will bring about major change within our lives if we allow it to, during this Moon I work on all aspects of my life, I work on my money and finances, I work to improve my love life and to renew the energy between me and my lover. I not only look at this month as being the month of renewal, I see it as being the month that represents completion and therefore whatever I feel that I need to be whole and complete is what I focus on.

April: (Growing Moon, Pink Moon) Depending on the work that I am doing is the name I call out to this Moon, for instance if I am working to resurrect the love between two people I will call out to the energy of the Pink Moon, if the energy between myself and my lover or between two people that I am working on behalf of has grown tired and stale, I will call upon the Growing Moon, many of the Full Moons have more than one name and remember I said earlier that each tradition, coven or group will have names of their own for each of the Full Moons,  This is the start of the fertile time of life and is a good time to start working and focusing on fertility, especially for couples having a difficult time conceiving, April into May is the ideal time for rituals of fertility, fertility rituals are no longer limited to procreation, there are all types of fertility rituals, including rituals for food, money, love and all of life’s necessities.

May: (Birth Moon) This Moon is by far one of my favorites, it is a time of fertility and giving birth to new ideas, this is the time that the gift of life is at its strongest and a time to manifest great change in our lives. This Moon is known by many names, the Birth Moon is what my coven an I call it, it also happens in the month of Beltane and I cast many spells and conduct many rituals throughout the month of May. This month is a great time to work on our relationships and the fertility of our money.

June: (Dyad Moon) June, the month of the twins and the great marriage between the Goddess and God. The old belief is that marrying in the month of June would bring untold woes for the couple who married. i have performed many handfastings in June and the couples relationships thrived with great vigor. I have found this to be an excellent Full  Moon for Love Rituals and Spells, as well as Rituals to reunite lovers.

July: (Wort Moon) Wort is an ancient word for herbs, this is the month in which I gather most of my herbs for the year, with some exceptions, I dry the herbs in the sun, this charges the herbs with the solar energy of the sun, there are also times when herbs must be placed under the Mother’s Moon to soak up her bountiful energy, once the herbs are charged they are used in formulas for incense, oils, sachets and other medicinal and magical purposes. As with all Full Moons the energy of this Full Moon can be used to manifest your heart’s desire.

August: (Dispute Moon) This is the Full Moon to focus on healing disputes with those around us, whether it is an intimate relationship, a business relationship, familial or friendship, it is a time to focus on healing and releasing ourselves from the negative bonds of karma, it is a time to set things right and make a mends. This Moon is very useful in acquiring money and encouraging someone who owes you money to settle their debt with you. The Dispute Moon is a great time to heal past infidelities and to program the future for the relationship your heart desires the most. This is a great Moon to release ourselves from the bonds of our past and to heal a broken heart.

September: (Harvest Moon) The Harvest Moon is an excellent time to reap what we have sown, I use this Moon to resurrect the love between lovers and reunite them. The Harvest Moon is the start of my busy season, this is also a favorable Moon for Money and Prosperity Spells and Rituals. 

October: (Blood Moon) The Blood Moon has nothing at all to do with Blood Sacrifice, however it is a very powerful Full Moon and I perform several custom rituals during this Moon to reunite my clients with their lovers and aid them in shedding their past and starting anew  October is the month that represents the start of the Witches new year, however, we are observe the Calendar year that starts on January 1st.

November: (Snow Moon) The Snow Moon is the Moon of closure, it is a time to bring bad habits and negative aspects of our lives to an end and prepare to start anew, I perfrom a wide array of Ritual and Spells during the month of November and during the Snow Moon, one of the main aspects that I focus on during this time is reuniting lovers, casting Spells and Rituals for new lovers, this is an excellent time to let go of bad habits, dispel and banish those whose intent is to cause us harm, this aspect carries over into the Oak Moon  

December: (Oak Moon) The Oak Moon is a great time for supernatural workings, the oak tree is sacred to the ancient Gods, this is a time to do any work of a psychic nature, magical conjuring, this is the time to release the old and prepare for the new, the Oak Moon lends strength to any magical desire and is a great time to work on prosperity, new money, business and success. It is a time to call forth change in relationships, both business and personal.

Note: All Full Moons are a time to work on ones greatest desire, heart desire, it is a time to work on manifesting that which you seek most in life to make yourself full and whole.

In many traditions the full moons carry many names, for instance the Dyad Moon and the Birth Moon are interchangeable, at times during the Month of June I celebrate the Dyad Moon and at other times in May, the Birth Moon is often celebrated in June, traditionally it was celebrated in May, it just depends on how you are gearing your ritual work as to which Moon you invoke.

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