About Phelan

I am a 3rd degree High Priest, Male Witch. I received my 1st degree initiation in 1993 at Candlemas, the Lady who was my High Priestess passed into the Summerland in 2009.

I received my 2ND Degree in 1997 by Lady Purusha, she crossed the bridge into the Summerland in 1999 and I received my 3rd degree initiation 4 years later by one of her Elder initiates in 2003 at Candlemas.

Since my initiation to the 3rd degree I have moved forward in teaching and sharing my beliefs with a small coven, the practice of Witchcraft and magic is an experience that is as unique as the individual and I encourage all of my students to take any knowledge that I may share with them with the grain of salt and learn to use critical thinking in their own practice.

I am not a Witch who tells his students that they must use a certain type of magic, magic is energy and what we put out into the world will come back to us, therefore taking a positive approach and carefully considering one’s choices is something that I strongly encourage and while the degree system is important to determine the hierarchy within a group or coven, I know many solitary practitioners who have excelled in the craft on their own.

I for one have not always felt the need to be a part of a coven, there have been many instances where I have chosen a solitary path as opposed to a group setting, Wicca, witchcraft is no different than any other religion, it is chocked full of politics and egos!

In addition to being a Witch Practitioner, I am also a Psychic and I make my services available to those who are seeking positive change within their own lives through the use of  divination and White Witchcraft, if I can be of service to you please use the contact form on this site to reach me or call my office number. 678-918-3333